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In 2005 Unforeseen Motion’s mainman Jelmer Hertog started to write his own songs. Unforeseen Motion itself was not born yet, but the blueprints of the songs written between 2005 and 2009 were later used in Unforeseen Motion. Unforeseen Motion started after a coincidental meeting between Jelmer and Tom de Wit (Layered Reality Productions).

In 2011 the EP Breaking the Glass Armor was produced and digitally released by Layered Reality Productions. The EP was positive received and reviewed.

Between 2012 and 2016 the project went on hold. Other projects took a lot of time. I’ve also learned a lot from playing other music genres. However, I started to miss my own project more and more. So many songs are there to record and release. And so many songs are there still to write.

Unforeseen Motion is an instrumental project. The main reason is my love for film music. Film music is often instrumental. Telling a story without words is a challenge. I combine my two favourite music genres: film music and metal. Progressive is a word that can be applied on my project in multiple ways. If I would have to, I would call Unforeseen Motion ‘Epic Progressive Metal’ but I’m not a fan of labeling music myself. Last but not least: My taste and style changed over the years. It is not unlikely that future songs will have vocals or a different sound perhaps.

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